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A – Diet, Sports Nutrition & Supplementation – 514 Courses

B – Anabolic Steroids, Growth Hormone & Testosterone – 105 Courses

C – Fitness, Workout & Exercise -500 Courses

D – Spa & Massage Therapy – 523 Courses

E – Bodybuilding & Muscle Building – 125 Courses

F – Fat Loss & Obesity – 158 Courses

G – Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama – 153 Courses

H – Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy – 156 Courses 

I – Sports & Recreation – 251 Courses

J – Medical & Medicine – 1000+ Courses

K – Surgery & Plastic Surgeries – 415 Courses

L – Psychiatry & Psychology – 328 Courses

M – Music, Mastering, Mixing & Writing – 407 Courses

N – Alternative Medicines 315 Courses

O – Sex Education, Information, Disorders & Rape – 691 Courses

P – Pregnancy & Child Birth 550 Courses

Q – CPR, First Aid & EMS Emergency Medical Services 200 Courses 

R – Radiology 1000+ Courses

S – Sports Physiology, Sports Injuries & Sports Medicine 350 Courses









Medifit  Courses Demo Certificate 

48 hours delivery

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555 INR Demo Certificate – 2 months duration

Demo Certificate – 6 months duration

48 hours delivery after fees payment

48 hours delivery after fees payment



Medifit 48 hours Delivery




Get your Certificates delivered by online mode in 48 hours after Fees payment.

We try to deliver certificates in 24 hours, but the committed delivery hours are 48.


Pay Today &
get Tomorrow


only by Medifit.




Medifit issues Lifetime validity certificates for all Online Courses provided.

No need to renew the certificates every 2 or 3 years.

All Courses Certificates of Medifit are having Lifetime Validity. No need to renew these certificates every 2 or 3 years.


What makes the certificates of Medifit to get it recognized Internationally?

Vast number of students applying for Job in international market of Fitness through Medifits Online Courses Certificates.

And most importantly, the Medical standards maintained, helps to acquire jobs internationally.

This gives very strong International acceptance to Certificates of Medifit Courses.



Medifit Education Online Academy is an innovative, digital and engaging education platform that delivers fast track accredited courses and skills development courses instantly online, with no time limits, enabling individuals to study anywhere and anytime. We are proud to offer international standard courses that have helped our students build their careers across the globe.



Short term Professional Courses

International Standards courses

Opens Global opportunities

Career defining Courses

Skill Development Programmes

Knowledge in short span

Learn at your own pace

Certification of Completion

Immediate Earning Opportunities

Positive Social Impact

Optimistic Psychological Benefits

Improved Standard of Living

Study from anywhere & anytime

Very Economical Fees


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