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|| Course duration – 2 years || Certificate Validity – Lifetime || Mode – Distance education ||

Lifetime Validity Certificate/s – Assured 48 hours Delivery

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Attractive features of this course is


Duration of this Medifit course is Dynamic 2 years. On every certificate the duration of the course mentioned is 2 years & Certificate validity is Lifetime.


Speedy delivery of Medifit Certificates. Student will receive the certificates in 48 hours after admission.


Validity of the all Medifit certificates is Lifetime. No need to renew the Medifit certificates in 2 or 3 years.


Certificate Validity: Lifetime, Course Duration: 2 years.

Duration of this Medifit course is Dynamic 2 years.

On every certificate the duration of the course mentioned is 2 years & Certificate validity is Lifetime.

MODE: By Distance Education/ Correspondence course only.

No Lectures will be conducted for this course. Students will study at home, by the study material provided by Medifit Medical Academy.

DURATION: 2 years course duration. Certificate validity is Lifetime.

FEES: 7,500 INR

STUDY MATERIAL: Only Digital Study Material/Manuals will be given. No physical study materials will be provided.

EXAMS: There are no exams for this course.

CERTIFICATES: : 1  Lifetime Validity Certificates are  given. Means no need to renew the course after 2 or 3 years. Certificate/s are awarded after completion of this course.

LEVEL : Certificate

ELIGIBILITY : No special or pre or minimum qualification required to take admission for this course.

COURSE MODULE: Completely digital course. No physical classroom lectures, no Brick & Mortar learning. All manuals & study materials provided are in completely digital format only.

PAYMENT MODE: Onetime total payment only. No installment mode permitted for this course. Total payment should be done before starting of course.

MANUAL FORMAT: All manuals or study materials of Medifit courses are in PDF (Portable Document Format) file format. To view and use the files, you need the free Acrobat Reader, which you can easily download.


Do internship or practical training or assistantship of 1 year approximately with Physician, Cardiologist, Emergency Medical expert or CPR expert.

Work with specialist or expert for approximately 1 year in your local area, so that you can apply the knowledge taken in course of Medifit Medical Academy.

It is the responsibility of the student to work with specialist or expert. Medifit will not arrange this work or Internship of 1 year.

Course provided by Medifit Medical Academy, Mumbai, India  

Certificates & Study Materials Delivery

Assured 48 hours delivery of Certificate/s, Videos &  Pdf books.



  1. Introduction
  2. Recognizing   and responding to emergencies to avoid infection
  3. Basic life support
  4. Substance abuse and misuse
  5. Bleeding and wound care
  6. Head, spinal, chest, abdominal injuries
  7. Bone , joints and muscle injuries
  8. Sudden illness: cardiac, stroke, respiratory,

Seizures, Diabetes

  1. Poisonous Bites And Stings
  2. Heat, cold and environmental emergencies


  1. Introduction to CPR basic life support
  2. Definition of CPR
  3. Background
  4. Breathing and circulation
  5. Cardiac arrest
  6. Life support
  7. Early warning signs  of heart attack
  8. Description
  9. Artificial respiration
  10. Airway
  11. Infant and children
  12. Accidental cases
  13. Artificial circulation
  14. Recognition of cardiac arrest
  15. Steps leading to recognition cardiac arrest
  16. Description
  17. Head tilt
  18. Mouth to mouth resuscitation
  19. Mouth to nose  resuscitation
  20. Perform jaw thrust maneuver
  21. Principles of external cardiac compression  ECC
  22. Techniques of  ECC
  23. CPR technique for infant and children
  24. Proper CPR sequence
  25. Complications and other basic principles of CPR
  26. Special resuscitation: drowning ,electric shock, crushed chest syndrome skill
  27. Supplementary technique for  basic life support
  28. Pericardial  chest thump
  29. Foreign bodies in airway
  30. Gastric distension
  31. CPR for laryngectomies

Worldwide International Acceptance 

Wide International acceptance of Medifit Certificates

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Completely Paperless technology

All Courses Study materials & Certificates are in digital format. Books in Pdf format & Certificates in Digital format only.

Students can take Print out of Certificates. We insist everyone to limit the trees cutting by doing more digital use of Certificates & study materials.

Free 10 Thousand Videos:

Free Audio Visual learning for lifetime.

Medifit has given free access to all for 10 thousand Videos of Fitness & Medical Courses to insist students to go paperless, by turning audio visual (videos learning)












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Medifit CPR & FIRST AID Course demo certificate || Course duration – 2 years || Lifetime Validity Certificate/s – Assured 48 hours Delivery

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