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Advance Basic Certifications 

|| Medical Based || No Exams || Clinical Subjects || 48 hours Certificates Delivery || Lifetime Certificate Validity || Government Approved || 

Advance Certifications 4850 INR

2 Years Course Duration



Basic Certifications 2222 INR

$ 30 USD

9 Months Course Duration



Basic Certifications 777 INR

$ 11 USD

3 Months Course Duration



Lifetime Validity Certificate/s – Assured 48 hours Delivery


List of 45 Certifications


01 Anabolic Steroids
02 Growth Hormone
03 Diet & Nutrition
04 Sports Nutrition
05 Clinical Nutrition & Supplementation
06 CPR – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
07 First Aid 
08 EMS – Emergency Medical Services
09 Venereology & Dermatology
10 CCH – Child Health
11 CGO – Gynecology & Obstetrics
12 Medical Cosmetology
13 Alternative Medicine
14 Ayurveda
15 Homeopathy
16 Bodybuilding
17 Strength Training & Conditioning
18 CrossFit
19 Spa & Massage
20 Deep Tissue Massage
21 Sports Massage
22 Fat Loss & Obesity
23 Functional Training
24 Gym Health Club Management
25 HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training
26 Keto Diet
27 Pilates
28 Power Lifting
29 Power Yoga
30 Special Population
31 Physiotherapy
32 Sports Physiotherapy
33 Strength Training
34 Yoga
35 Zumba
36 Meditation
37 Pranayama
38 Surgery
39 Psychiatry & Psychology
40 Pregnancy & Lactation
41 Radiology
42 Sports Medicine
43 Bariatric Surgery – Weight Loss Surgeries
44 Plastic Surgery
45 Liposuction Surgery
46 Exercise for 9 Months Pregnancy


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Lifetime Validity Certificate/s – Assured 48 hours Delivery

Completely Medical Based


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Basic & Advance Certifications List



Advance Certifications List 

4850 INR = 2 Years


Basic Certifications List 

2222 INR = 9 Months


Basic Certifications List 

777 INR = 3 Months

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Fitness Trainers Certifications

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Demo Certificates 

Basic Advance Courses

Lifetime Validity Certificate/s – Assured 48 hours Delivery


Advance Certificate = 4850 INR

2 Years Duration


Basic Certificate = 2222 INR

9 Months Duration

Basic Certificate = 777 INR

3 Months Duration

Lifetime Validity Certificate/s – Assured 48 hours Delivery

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Since 1998

Medifit Education – Pioneers in Medical & Fitness Certifications.

Most trusted brand for Medical & Fitness Education & Certifications.


Think Different



Why Medifit Courses are different?

Medifit Anabolic Steroids Certificate Courses are different & unique in world, because of following features 


  • Government Approved
  • Pioneer Anabolics Education
  • Completely Medical based Course
  • Assured 48 hours Certificate delivery
  • Pdf format Books
  • Lifetime Certificate Validity
  • 2 years course duration




Certificate Validity: Lifetime, Course Duration: 2 years.

Duration of this Medifit course is Dynamic 2 years.

On every certificate the duration of the course mentioned is 2 years & Certificate validity is Lifetime.



2 years

Certificate Validity: Lifetime, Course Duration: 2 years.

Duration of this Medifit course is Dynamic 2 years. On every certificate the duration of the course mentioned is 2 years & Certificate validity is Lifetime.


48 hours

Speedy delivery of Medifit Certificates. Student will receive the certificates in 48 hours after admission.



Certificate Validity: Lifetime

Validity of the all Medifit certificates is Lifetime. No need to renew the Medifit certificates in 2 or 3 years.






The big issue, we at Medifit, have with Exams is that it uses one yardstick to measure every individual. Individuals with varied Intellect, Aptitude Talents, and Skills are judged based on their ability to mug up textbook theories. This approach forces individuals to fall into one acceptable mold, which is detrimental to society in the long run. Also, Exams focus on competition, while at Medifit we believe we are already the best versions of ourselves.

No Exams in Medifit Courses



No stress, anxiety & fear of conventional, traditional & formal system of exam giving in Medifit Courses. The biggest con of the exam is mental pressure, which Medifit eradicates.


Medifit is very sharp &laser-focused on learning &the use of knowledge in practical life.

Students can 100% focus and put attention on understanding, learning & grasping the core part of Medifit Courses, instead of merely focusing on exam scoring. Also, Medifit encourages lifetime learning through Free 10 thousand Videos of Medical & Fitness subjects.


At Medifit Courses, we believe, all students should have a learning attitude & not anexam-oriented or exam-focused, or exam-scoring attitude.

Learning & Knowledge taking is the prime agenda of Medifit Courses.


Medifit doesn’t want to access the students on an exam basis. It’s not mandatory forany government or registering body to conduct exams for Certificate Courses.

Don’t want to waste time in preparing students for the exam, instead, devote the precious time & energy of students in understanding & grasping the Course subject.


Imparting knowledge of Medical, Fitness & other topics is the core agenda & protocol of Medifit Courses. Traditional & conventional Exam-oriented pattern distracts students from this Medifit protocol. If real knowledge & education is imparted to students, that will be more helpful for them in the future life, than the conventional exam pattern.


At Medifit Courses, we try to make learning the Medical & Fitness topics easy and fun, by avoiding the outdated traditional system of exam-oriented patterns.

Medifit Courses are just Knowledge-oriented courses, meant for imparting lifetime learning patterns.


Criteria or barometer of Intelligence of students cannot be judged solely by the conventional examination system. Fewerscores or marks in exams doesn’t mean that the student cannot succeed in life.

Knowledge & real practical education is only the barometer of a successful life.


Exams are conducted to test the bookish knowledge, which Medifit Courses eradicated.


Exam pressure kills the scope of practical approach of students in life, who are pursuing professional courses from Medifit.


Medifit believes,

The exam is not the best parameter to test the knowledge of a student or how a student will be successful in the professional carrier in the future.


A conventional exam system hampers a smooth and stress-free process of course learning, rather than making it a tedious and stressful process. At Medifit, we keep the learning ambiance completely non-tedious.


Time, energy & money spent by Students as well as Medifit are very crucial in developing the creativity of students in course subjects. Exam, being very time-consuming, doesn’t allow students to think of new ideas, which develops creativity.



Worldwide International Acceptance 

Wide International acceptance of Medifit Certificates

Go Green, Go Paperless

Go Medifit


Go Digital:

Completely Paperless technology

All Courses Study materials & Certificates are in digital format. Books in Pdf format & Certificates in Digital format only.

Students can take Print out of Certificates. We insist everyone to limit the trees cutting by doing more digital use of Certificates & study materials.


Study Materials Language


Language of all digital Pdf books & Videos is English only.




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Dr Mahesh Kumar, Mumbai, India

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  • Admission Coordinator

Pravin Sharma, Mumbai, India

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