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Aim: Certifying every Fitness/ Health Trainer or professional, completely Free of Cost.

Simple, easy & lucid process.

|| Unbelievable || 5 Free Courses || 5 Lifetime Validity Certificates ||

 5 Pdf Books  ||

|| Totally Paperless || Completely Digital ||

|| Imparting Knowledge through Online Technology ||

|| No Hidden Cost || Absolutely Free || 

No Exams, No Lectures

Following 5 Courses are given completely Free of Cost:

  1. General Fitness Trainer Course – 1 month {Basic}
  2. Basic Diet & Nutrition Course – 1 month {Basic}
  3. Basic Spa Massage Course – 1 month {Basic}
  4. Basic Anabolic Steroids Course – 1 month {Basic}
  5. Basic Yoga Course – 1 month {Basic}

| No Classroom Lectures | Online Courses |


Free General Fitness Trainer Certificate Course is online distance education course. No lectures will be conducted. Distance education. No Lectures. Students will study by the Free Manuals provided by Medifit.


Medifit don’t take exams. We directly give Manuals, Videos and Certificates. No exams will be conducted for this course.


No physical lectures will be conducted by Medifit. Students will study and do practicals through the Manuals and study materials sent.


5 Books are in digital format is provided by Medifit to students, completely Free of Cost. Unbelievable but true.

10 Thousand Videos will be given free of Cost by Email.

Manuals/ books will be sent Free of cost to all students. No physical Books or Certificates will be sent. All 5 Books will be in Pdf format.


Certificates, Manuals and other study materials will be only in Digital format. No physical Certificates or Books will be given. Digital Study materials and digital certificates only will be provided by Medifit. Students will take Color Print out and will do lamination. Medifit will strictly not provide physical certificates.


Manuals and other study materials language is English only.  



No Physical Lecutres will be conducted in Free Certification.




Not a single penny will be charged. Completely free by Medifit. No hidden charges


No Physical copy will be issued. Only Digital Copy will be sent by Email. Student will have to take Print out and do plastic lamination or wooden lamination.


5 Manuals / books & 10 thousand videos will be issued by Medifit for studying.

No physical copy will be sent.

Books / Manuals, we will deliver immediately, once the form is filled.


1 lifetime validity certificate will be issued by Medifit.



General Fitness Trainer Course (Basic):

This course, lasting for 1 month, aims to certify every fitness and health trainer or professional. It’s completely free of cost and follows a simple, easy, and lucid process. There are no classroom lectures; instead, students study using free manuals provided by Medifit. Exams are not conducted, and the course materials are entirely digital. The language of study materials is English, and the certificate has lifetime validity1.

Basic Diet & Nutrition Course (Basic):

Also lasting for 1 month, this course covers fundamental aspects of diet and nutrition. Like the other courses, it’s free, digital, and without exams or physical lectures. Students receive digital manuals and certificates1.

Basic Spa Massage Course (Basic):

In this 1-month course, students learn basic spa massage techniques. Again, it’s free, digital, and emphasizes practical learning through manuals and videos1.

Basic Anabolic Steroids Course (Basic):

This course provides essential knowledge about anabolic steroids. It’s part of Medifit’s commitment to education without any hidden charges. Manuals and videos are provided digitally, and students receive a lifetime validity certificate1.

Basic Yoga Course (Basic):

For those interested in yoga, this 1-month course covers the basics. Medifit ensures that no fees are charged, and all study materials are digital. The certificate is valid for a lifetime1.


Key Points:


No Hidden Costs:

Medifit Education offers these courses completely free of charge.

Digital Learning:

All study materials, including manuals and certificates, are in digital format.

Lifetime Validity:

The certificates have lifetime validity, promoting sustainability and reducing paper waste.

Go Green, Go Paperless:

Medifit’s commitment to a paperless environment.



In summary, Medifit Education’s initiative to provide free courses with certificates contributes significantly to the fitness and medical education community, making it a truly noble endeavor!


Medifit Education: Empowering Learners Through Free Courses

Medifit Education, a trailblazer in the field of fitness and medical education, has embarked on a remarkable journey by offering free courses with certificates. This initiative not only benefits individual learners but also contributes significantly to the broader fitness and medical education community. In this comprehensive analysis, we’ll explore why Medifit Education’s commitment to free education is truly commendable.


The Nobility of Medifit Education’s Endeavor


  1. Altruism and Social Responsibility

– Medifit Education’s decision to offer free courses goes beyond business interests. It reflects a genuine concern for societal well-being.

– By democratizing education, they contribute to a more informed and skilled population, ultimately benefiting public health and fitness awareness.


  1. Impact on Communities


– The ripple effect of Medifit Education’s noble endeavor extends far and wide. As learners complete these courses, they become ambassadors of knowledge within their communities.

– Whether it’s a fitness enthusiast inspiring friends to adopt healthier lifestyles or a medical student sharing insights with peers, the impact is profound.


  1. Legacy Building

– Medifit Education isn’t merely providing courses; they are shaping a legacy. Each learner who benefits from their free offerings becomes part of this legacy.

– The positive influence of these courses transcends time, leaving a lasting mark on the fitness and medical education landscape.



Medifit Education’s commitment to free education is more than a business strategy—it’s a beacon of hope and progress. By empowering learners, fostering inclusivity, and leaving an indelible legacy, they exemplify true nobility. As we celebrate their efforts, let us recognize that education, when freely shared, becomes a force for positive change.

In summary, Medifit Education’s noble endeavor enriches the fitness and medical education community, making it a beacon of knowledge and empowerment.

Go Green, Go Paperless

Go Medifit


Go Digital:

Completely Paperless technology

All Courses Study materials & Certificates are in digital format. Books in Pdf format & Certificates in Digital format only.

Students can take Print out of Certificates. We insist everyone to limit the trees cutting by doing more digital use of Certificates & study materials.

Free 10 Thousand Videos:

Free Audio Visual learning for lifetime.

Medifit has given free access to all for 10 thousand Videos of Fitness & Medical Courses to insist students to go paperless, by turning audio visual (videos learning)


Watch Video – Medifit Certificates

Medifit issues Lifetime validity certificates for all Online Courses provided.

No need to renew the certificates every 2 or 3 years.

All Courses Certificates of Medifit are having Lifetime Validity. No need to renew these certificates every 2 or 3 years.