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Official World Record – Sweden, Europe

“Breaking Boundaries:

Medifit Education Sets World Record

with 10,000 Medical & Fitness Courses!”



Sweden, Europe


World Record Information:


Medifit Education sets new world record by creating 10,000 certificate courses

Medifit Education, a leading online education provider in the field of medical and fitness, has set a new world record by creating 10,000 certificate courses for learners across the globe. This unprecedented achievement has been verified and certified by the Official World Records, an international organization based in Sweden, Europe, in October 2022.

World Record Certificate for Medifit Education

Dr Mahesh Kumar, the founder and director of Medifit Education, and his institute have also been honored with the prestigious World Record Certificate for their contribution to the advancement of medical and fitness education.

A revolutionary platform for medical and fitness education

Medifit Education is a revolutionary platform that offers fast track accredited courses and skills development courses that can be accessed instantly online, without any time constraints, allowing learners to study at their own pace and convenience. Medifit Education boasts the world’s largest collection of medical fitness specialist certificate courses, covering a broad spectrum of topics such as anatomy, physiology, nutrition, exercise science, sports medicine, rehabilitation, wellness, and more.

A vision to provide high-quality and affordable education

Dr Kumar started working on this world record project in 2011, with a vision to provide high-quality and affordable education to anyone who wants to pursue a career in medical and fitness. It took him more than 10 years to develop and launch 10,000 certificate courses, with the support of a team of experts and professionals in the field. Dr Kumar said, “This world record is a reflection of our passion and commitment for medical and fitness education. We are proud to offer such a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of courses to our students and clients, and we hope to inspire and empower them to achieve their goals and dreams.”

Recognition and appreciation from the media, the industry, and the public

Medifit Education’s world record has received widespread recognition and appreciation from the media, the industry, and the public. The company has also been awarded several awards and accolades for its innovation and excellence in education. Medifit Education aims to continue its mission of providing the best medical and fitness education to the world, and to create more world records in the future.

Champion of Education

Appreciation Certificate – Colombo, Sri Lanka

Souvenir Of Honour & Respect – Nitrro Fitness

MCGM Mumbai Covid Service

Bhagwad Gita Certificate





Medifit Demo Certificate

Government of India incorporated

Medifit Certificates = Government of India Incorporated

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