Medifit World Record Accolades/ Certifications

Official World Record – Sweden, Europe

Sweden, Europe

World Record Information:

Dr Mahesh Kumar, founder of Medifit Education created World Record by creating 10 thousand Certificate Courses.
This 10 thousand certificate courses are recorded for World Records in October 2022.
The World record belongs to Medifit Education.
These 10 thousand Certificate courses are in Medical & Fitness Category. It took almost more than a decade to complete this World Record project of developing 10 thousand Certificate courses.
Preparation for this certificate courses started in year 2011.

Champion of Education

Appreciation Certificate – Colombo, Sri Lanka

Souvenir Of Honour & Respect – Nitrro Fitness

MCGM Mumbai Covid Service

Bhagwad Gita Certificate





Medifit Demo Certificate

Government of India incorporated

Medifit Certificates = Government of India Incorporated

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