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By Medifit Education.



Year 1998 – 99

Nano genesis

Year 2000

Fitness Consulting full time. With small team of Doctors and Medical professionals.


Year 2004

Dr Mahesh Kumar’s Medical Institute firm was established to start professional certificate courses and Medical Consulting in Fitness industry.


Year 2012

Firm spread its wings all over India getting Pan India presence.


Year 2013

Started company which is limited by shares. This Company was privileged to deliver Medical and Fitness education program in Colombo most prestigious Foundation Institute & invited primarily by Harcourts Pharma.


Year 2015

Medifit Biologicals Established in June 2015.

Having vast & diversified portfolio of ‎

  • Life sciences,
  • Human biology
  • Medical &
  • Fitness



By Medifit Education.


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