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Seal – Government of India


Medifit Demo Certificate

 𝐌𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐭 𝐂𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐞 –𝟕 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐬

𝐂𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐌𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐭 𝐂𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐫




01 – Blood Red

02 – Deep Blue

03 – Luxuriant Green

04 – Hazel Brown

05 – Rich Purple

06 – Slate Grey

07 – Golden Classic


01 – Blood Red


02 – Deep Blue


03 – Luxuriant Green


04 – Hazel Brown


05 – Rich Purple


06 – Slate Grey


07 – Golden Classic



Advance Certificate

4850 INR = 2 Years


Medifit Certificates = Government of India Incorporated


Basic Certifications

777 INR = 3 Months


Basic Certifications

2222 INR = 9 Months



Workshops Certificates = 180 minutes


Watch Video – Medifit Certificates


Medifit Certificate –



Comprehensive Guide to Medifit Certificate: Delivery, Storage, Printing, Lamination & Framing


E-Certificates via Official Email:

By official Medifit Education Email



Medifit Education Enhances Certificate Delivery Process

Medifit Education is excited to introduce an upgraded system for delivering official certificates directly to students’ email inboxes! This innovative approach promises a host of advantages for both students and the institute.

Key Points to Remember:

– Delivery by Official Email ID of Medifit Education:

Your certificates will now be dispatched from our institute’s official email ID, guaranteeing their authenticity and official status.

– Continued Delivery via WhatsApp:

In addition to email delivery, we’re still sending a copy of your certificates through WhatsApp, maintaining the convenience of this familiar platform.

Why Opt for E-Certificates via Email?

Our decision to switch to email delivery is backed by several compelling reasons:

– Enhanced Security:

By receiving certificates through our official email channels, students can rest assured that their documents are secure and immune to tampering.

– Unparalleled Convenience:

Accessing your certificates has never been easier! With email delivery, you can retrieve your documents at your convenience, from any location with internet connectivity.

– Speedy Delivery:

Say goodbye to long waits associated with traditional mail services! Email delivery ensures swift receipt of your e-certificates, eliminating unnecessary delays.

– Environmental Responsibility:

We’re committed to sustainability! By reducing paper consumption and eliminating the carbon footprint linked with physical mail, we’re doing our part for the planet.

Medifit Education remains steadfast in its dedication to delivering top-tier educational experiences. Our adoption of this streamlined e-certificate delivery system exemplifies our ongoing efforts to simplify processes and enhance efficiency for our valued students.




Medifit is committed to delivering your Master Digital Certificates officially through WhatsApp, Telegram messengers, or Email in A3 size PDF format.

You can store your Medifit PDF Certificates in both Cloud (Internet-based) and Local Storage (PC & Hard drive).

We recommend Framing your Medifit Certificate on photo paper for the best presentation.

For printouts, we suggest using 300 GSM Paper with thick Plastic Lamination for durability.

Please note, re-issuing of study materials and PDF Certificates are chargeable. More detailed information is provided below.




At Medifit, we prioritize your convenience. You can choose to receive your official certificate through one of the following channels:


  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • Telegram Messenger
  • Email


Please indicate your preferred method of delivery during registration. We are committed to ensuring a seamless experience for you.




Certificate Size:

All Medifit Certificates are of A3 size.

Dimensions of A3 Size Certificate:

The A3 size is 11.7 inches x 16.5 inches or 297 mm x 420 mm.

This size, which is twice that of A4 paper, is commonly used for International Academic Certificates.


The certificates are provided in PDF (Portable Document Format).


Recipients can conveniently print their certificates for physical copies using this PDF format.


Please refer to the below section for printing information.


Master PDF Certificate Copy

A “Master PDF Certificate” from Medifit refers to the primary digital copy of Medifit Certificates in PDF format. Here’s a more detailed explanation:


Master Copy:  

The term “master” refers to the main or original copy of Medifit PDF Certificates. In this context, it signifies the primary digital copy of the Medifit PDF Certificates. The PDF Certificate provided by Medifit is the principal Master File of your Certificates and should be securely stored for lifetime use.

It is the student’s responsibility to preserve this Master Copy of Medifit PDF Certificates.


Please refer to the below section for instructions on storing the Master Copy of Medifit PDF Certificates.



Medifit PDF Certificate Storage Systems


  • Personal Cloud Storage
  • Personal Local Storage


  1. Personal Cloud Storage:

 This method involves storing Medifit PDF Certificates on internet-based storage systems. Here are some steps to get started with personal cloud storage:

  • Choose a cloud storage provider. Some popular options include Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Adobe Document Cloud.
  • Create an account with your chosen provider.
  • Upload your PDF academic certificates to your cloud storage account.


  1. Personal Local Storage:

This refers to storing Medifit PDF Certificates directly on your personal devices such as your computer or an external hard drive. Here are some steps to store your PDF academic certificates locally:

  • Create a dedicated folder on your device for Medifit PDF Certificates.
  • Copy your Medifit PDF Certificates into this folder.
  • Regularly backup this folder to an external hard drive or another device to prevent data loss in case of device failure.


Cloud versus Local Storage – Which is Better?

Remember, while local storage provides direct control over your Medifit PDF Certificates documents, it lacks the accessibility and collaborative features offered by cloud storage. Therefore, it’s advisable to use a combination of both methods to ensure the safety and accessibility of your Medifit PDF Certificates.

In brief, store in both – Cloud and Local Storage.



Select Frame for Medifit Certificate Framing

Framing a PDF Certificate


Select Frame:

Choose a frame that complements your certificate.

Print Certificate:

Print the certificate on high-quality paper, such as photo paper. Ensure your printer’s resolution is set to at least 300 DPI.

Insert Certificate:

Place the printed certificate into the frame.


Photo Paper for Medifit Certificate Printing


Improved print quality, longer-lasting prints, better color range.


Photo paper is more expensive than regular paper.

Glossy vs Matte Photo Paper:

Glossy Photo Paper:

Offers vibrant colors, sharpness, and a professional appearance but is prone to fingerprints and light reflections.

Matte Photo Paper:

Produces fewer glares, doesn’t show fingerprints, and doesn’t stick to glass frames, but may not deliver as vibrant colors.


Choose matte for certificates to be handled frequently or framed under glass. Choose glossy for a high-definition, vibrant, and professional look if the certificate will be framed without glass.

PRINT OUT GUIDE – Make Physical Copies


Transform Your Medifit PDF Digital Achievements into Tangible Triumphs

To make physical copies of your Medifit PDF Certificates, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Printing Medifit PDF Certificate

Opt for a color printout on A3 size paper. We suggest using paper with a thickness of 300 GSM for the best results, although 250 GSM paper can also be used.

  1. Laminating Medifit PDF Certificate

After printing, enhance the durability and appearance of your certificate by applying a thick plastic lamination. This not only protects your certificate but also gives it a professional look.

By following these steps, you can easily create a physical copy of your Medifit PDF Certificates that is both durable and presentable.


Why to take Printout?

Printouts of Digital Academic Certificates are crucial for:


They provide physical proof of your educational achievements and identity.


They ensure privacy during online transactions and can be securely stored and presented when needed.


Some institutions or employers require a physical copy for verification, such as during job interviews or visa applications.


Displaying a printed certificate showcases your academic accomplishments.


A hard copy prevents loss of records due to technical issues or accidental deletion.

In essence, while digital certificates offer convenience, printouts ensure long-term accessibility, compliance, and security.



Why Laminate Your Medifit PDF Certificate?


Lamination with thick plastic enhances the durability of your Medifit PDF Certificate. It protects the certificate from wear and tear, ensuring it remains in good condition for a longer period.


Lamination safeguards your certificate against potential damage from spills, stains, smudges, or fingerprints. It also protects the certificate from fading due to exposure to sunlight.

Professional Appearance:

A laminated certificate has a glossy finish that gives it a professional look and feel. This can be particularly important when displaying the certificate in a professional setting.

Preservation of Information:

Lamination helps to preserve the information on the certificate. It prevents the text and images from fading, ensuring the information remains legible and clear over time.

Ease of Cleaning:

A laminated certificate can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth without the risk of damaging the certificate.

In conclusion, laminating your Medifit PDF Certificate not only enhances its durability and appearance but also ensures the preservation of its valuable information. It’s a small investment for long-term benefits.


We would like to inform you that the re-issuance of Medifit Study Materials and Master PDF Certificates incurs a fee. This charge is necessary to cover the expenses related to the production, administration, and delivery of these materials.

For additional details or inquiries, please feel free to contact Medifit directly. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Celebrating Achievements

Upon the successful completion of your Medifit Fitness and Medical Course, we encourage you to commemorate this significant milestone with a modest yet professional Convocation ceremony. Capture these memorable moments through photographs, as they serve not only as a testament to your accomplishment but also as lifelong keepsakes.

Your achievement deserves global recognition. Therefore, we kindly request you to forward these Convocation photographs to Medifit. We will proudly display your accomplishment on our social platforms, allowing the world to witness your triumph.

These photographs, encapsulating the joyous moment of receiving your Medifit Fitness or Medical Course completion Certificate, are more than just images. They are tangible proof of your dedication and hard work. Let the world bear witness to your remarkable achievement of earning Medifit Fitness or Medical Certificates.





{Valid till December 2023 only}


 Certificate Reissuing 
750 INR per course


 Study Materials Reissuing 
750 INR per course








  • Very economical
  • 2 Years Course duration
  • Medical based
  • World Record: 10,000 Courses
  • Lifetime Validity
  • No Renewal
  • No Exams
  • Guaranteed 48 hours delivery
  • 10,000 Videos for studying
  • International acceptance
  • Job oriented Certificates
  • Certifications for Doctors/ GPs



Certificate Validity: Lifetime

Course Duration: 2 years

Duration of  Medifit course is Dynamic 2 years.

On every certificate, the duration of the course mentioned is 2 years & Certificate validity is Lifetime.


Certificates & Study Materials Delivery


Assured 48 hours delivery of Anabolic Steroids Certificates, 2500 Videos & Pdf books.






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