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S001 Exercise Physiology: Kinanthropometry & Exercise
S002 Kinanthropometry & Exercise Physiology Laboratory
S003 Kinanthropometry X
S004 Kinanthropometry : Proceedings
S005 Anthropometry: Physical Measures Of Human Form In Health & Disease
S006 Bodyspace: Anthropometry, Ergonomics
S007 Kinanthropometry & Sport Practice
S008 Guide To Anthropometry


S009 ACSM’s Exercise Testing & Prescription
S010 Senior Fitness Test
S011 NSCA’s Guide To Tests & Assessments
S012 ACSM’s Health-Related Physical Fitness Assessment
S013 Physical Fitness Tests
S014 Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing In Children & Adolescents
S015 Teacher Perceptions Of The Importance Of Fitness Testing
S016 Advanced Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription
S017 Test Your Physical Fitness
S018 Fitness Testing Course
S019 Air Force Fitness Test
S020 Test your Physical Fitness
S021 Older People’s Fitness Test
S022 Nonparametric Smoothing & Lack-Of-Fit Tests
S023 Children’s Perceptions Of The Fitnessgram Fitness Test
S024 Army Physical Fitness Test
S025 US Air Force Fitness Test
S026 BMI, Cardiovascular Fitness
S027 Muscular Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription
S028 Correlations Between Physical Fitness Tests & Performance Of Military


S029 Clinically Oriented Anatomy
S030 Applied Kinesiology
S031 Clinical Kinesiology & Anatomy
S032 Kinesiology For Dummies
S033 Clinical Kinesiology
S034 kinesiology Taping Redefined
S035 Kinesiology
S036 Yogabody: Anatomy, Kinesiology & Asana
S037 Structural Kinesiology
S038 Let It Flow – Kinesiology, Applied Kinesiology
S039 Introduction To Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity
S040 Applied Kinesiology: Synopsis
S041 Clinical Kinesiology & Anatomy

S042 Basics Of Developmental Kinesiology
S043 Biomechanical Basis Of Human Movement
S044 Kinesiology Of The Musculoskeletal System
S045 Kinesiology Therapies With Muscle Cards
S046 Interdisciplinary Research In Kinesiology
S047 Doctoral Study: Kinesiology
S048 International College Of Applied Kinesiology
S049 Foundations Of Structural Kinesiology
S050 School Of Kinesiology
S051 Effects Of Educational Kinesiology
S052 Applied Kinesiology Research
S053 Applied Kinesiology – Head, Neck & Jaw Pain & Dysfunction
S054 Kinematic MRI Of The Joints
S055 Joint Structure & Function


S056 Biochemistry For Sport & Exercise Metabolism
S057 Comprehensive Biochemistry Course
S058 Integrative Human Biochemistry
S059 Fundamentals Of Biochemistry
S060 Biochemistry Laboratory Techniques
S061 Introduction To Nutrition & Metabolism
S062 Biosynthesis: Molecular & Cell Biochemistry
S063 Exercise, Sport, & Bioanalytical Chemistry
S064 Oxidants & Antioxidants In Exercise
S065 Modern Biophysical Chemistry: Analysis Of Biomolecules
S066 Nitrite & Nitrate In Human Health
S067 Modeling In Systems Biology
S068 Creatine & Creatine Phosphate
S069 Understanding DNA


S070 Physiology Of Sport & Exercise
S071 ACSM’s Advanced Exercise Physiology
S072 Sport And Exercise Physiology Testing Guidelines
S073 Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing In Children & Adolescents
S074 Instant Notes: Sport & Exercise Physiology
S075 ACSM’s Clinical Exercise Physiology: Musculoskeletal, Neuromuscular
S076 The Anatomy Of Stretching
S077 Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy
S078 Physiology Of Sport & Exercise
S079 Exercise Physiology In Special Populations. Advances In Sport & Exercise Science Series
S080 Exercise Physiology: Theory & Application
S081 Exercise Prescription : Physiological Foundations
S082 Exercise Physiology: Kinanthropometry & Exercise Physiology

S083 Sports & Exercise Massage : Comprehensive Care In Athletics
S084 Fatigue In Sport & Exercise
S085 Molecular Exercise Physiology: An Introduction
S086 ACSM’s Introduction To Exercise Science
S087 Biomechanics Of Sport & Exercise
S088 Kinesiology For Dummies
S089 Kinanthropometry & Exercise Physiology Laboratory
S090 The Science & Physiology Of Flexibility & Stretching
S091 Paediatric Exercise Physiology
S092 Physiological Aspects Of Sport Training & Performance
S093 Exercise Physiology
S094 Sport & Exercise Physiology Testing Guidelines
S095 Adventure Sport Physiology
S096 Strength & Conditioning: Sport-Specific Programming
S097 Women & Exercise: Physiology And Sport Medicine
S098 Children’s Sport & Exercise Medicine
S099 Exercise Physiology: A Thematic Approach
S100 Performance Assessment For Field Sports: Physiological, Psychological
S101 Physical Activity, Exercise, Sedentary Behavior & Health
S102 Essentials Of Strength Training & Conditioning
S103 The Physiology Of Training
S104 Sports & Exercise Science
S105 Sport & Exercise Science
S106 Exercise & Human Reproduction
S107 Sports-Specific Rehabilitation
S108 Biomechanics & Exercise Physiology
S109 Science Of Athletic Training Soccer
S110 Applying Music In Exercise & Sport
S111 Exercise Immunology
S112 Skeletal Muscle From Molecules To Movement
S113 Exercise Physiology: In Athletic Horse
S114 Exercise Physiology: People & Ideas
S115 Sports Drinks: Basic Science & Practical Aspects
S116 Cellular Physiology & Metabolism Of Physical Exercise
S117 Advanced Environmental Exercise Physiology
S118 Exercise & Sporting Activity During Pregnancy
S119 Sports Medicine: Basic Science & Clinical Aspects Of Sports Injury &Physical Activity
S120 The Olympic: Science In Sport
S121 Sport & Exercise Systems Genetics
S122 Using Whole Body Vibration In Physical Therapy & Sport
S123 Functional Neuroimaging In Exercise & Sport Sciences
S124 Exercise & Sport In Diabetes
S125 Cardiorespiratory Fitness Assessment & Prescription
S126 Nutrition & Performance In Masters Athletes
S127 Sports-Specific Rehabilitation
S128 Sports Medicine & Surgery
S129 Exercise, Sport & Bioanalytical Chemistry
S130 Masters Athlete: Understanding The Role Of Sport And Exercise
S131 Endurance In Sport
S132 Introduction To Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
S133 Impact Of Concurrent-Training On The Physiological Adaptations

S134 Sports & Exercise Science & Medicine
S135 Children & Exercise
S136 Brain & Body In Sport & Exercise
S137 Athlete’s Clock: How Biology & Time Affect Sport Performance
S138 Advances In Sports Cardiology
S139 Heat Stress In Sport & Exercise: Thermophysiology
S140 Ultimate Guide To Stretching & Flexibility
S141 Nutrition For Elite Athletes
S142 Science Of Fitness: Power, Performance & Endurance
S143 Skeletal Muscle From Molecules To Movement
S144 Effects Of A Combined Aerobic & Resistance Exercise Programme
S145 Biomedical Engineering Principles In Sports
S146 Starting Strength
S147 Practical Programming For Strength Training
S148 Biophysical Foundations Of Human Movement
S149 Contemporary Sport, Leisure & Ergonomics
S150 Introduction To Sports Biomechanics
S151 Exercise Testing & Interpretation
S152 Computerized Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
S153 Proceedings Of The International Colloquium On Sports Science, Exercise
S154 Oxygen Advantage Athelete Day
S155 BTEC First Sport
S156 Fitness For Geeks
S157 Research In Sport & Exercise Medicine
S158 Essentials Of Sports Nutrition & Supplements
S159 Exercise & The Heart In Health & Disease
S160 Advanced Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription
S161 Exercise Testing & Interpretation
S162 Sport & Physical Activity In The Heat
S163 Science & Football
S164 Performance, Physiological & Perceptual
S165 Guiding The Young Athlete
S166 The Physiological Characteristics Of Elite Women’s Basketball
S167 The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout The Lifespan
S168 Pediatric Sports Medicine
S169 Biomechanical Basis Of Human Movement
S170 Exercise In Space: A Holistic Approach
S171 Compression Garments In Sports: Athletic Performance
S172 Key Themes In Youth Sport
S173 Women & Exercise : The Body, Health
S174 Food For Sports Performance
S175 Sport And Physical Activity For Mental Health
S176 Sport Science Research & Technology Support
S177 Fit & Female: The Perfect Fitness
S178 Exercise For Cardiovascular Disease Prevention & Treatment
S179 Physiological Differences In Performance
S180 Musculoskeletal Health In Women
S181 Immune Cell Changes In Swimmers
S182 Chest/Breast Protectors For Female Athletes
S183 Perceived Exertion Laboratory
S184 Stretching Basics

S185 Aerobic Training On Selected Physical Physiological And Psychological Variables
S186 Female Body Image Perceptions
S187 Plasticity Of Skeletal Muscle
S188 Muscle Fatigue At The End Of A Maximal Oxygen Consumption Test
S189 Isometric Force-Time Parameters Of Strength Training
S190 School Of Kinesiology
S191 Tissue Nutrition & Viability
S192 Cardiorespiratory Fitness In Contemporary Dance Training
S193 Mechanisms For Human Balancing Using The Ankle Strategy


S194 Acute Low Back Pain
S195 Low Back Pain & Sciatica
S196 Strengthen Your Back
S197 Pain Free: Stopping Chronic Pain
S198 Healing Back Pain
S199 Yoga Heals Your Back
S200 Younger Next Year Back
S201 Pain-Free Program
S202 EFT For Back Pain
S203 Massage Lower Back & Pelvic Pain
S204 7 Steps To A Pain Free Life
S205 Back Pain Spine
S206 Low Back Pain & Radicular Pain
S207 Healing Back Pain
S208 Mind Over Back Pain
S209 8 Steps To A Pain-Free Back
S210 Pain Free For Women
S211 Pilates Exercise Chronic Low Back Pain
S212 Yoga For Back Pain
S213 Back Pain & Modic
S214 Pain Management Injection For Low Back
S215 Defeat Chronic Pain Now
S216 Guide To Back Pain
S217 Back & Neck Pain
S218 Natural Posture For Pain-Free Living
S219 Heal Your Back
S220 Low Back Pain: Mechanism, Diagnosis & Treatment
S221 Healing Yoga For Neck & Shoulder Pain
S222 Therapeutic Exercise For Lumbopelvic Stabilization
S223 Acupuncture For Pain Management
S224 Massage For Low-Back Pain


S225 Sports Injuries
S226 Sports Biomechanics: Reducing Injury
S227 Sports Injuries: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment & Rehabilitation

S228 Everyday Sports Injuries
S229 Sports Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention
S230 Imaging Of Orthopedic Sports Injuries
S231 Muscle Injuries In Sports
S232 Sports Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
S233 Sports Injuries: Prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation
S234 Sports Injury & Rehabilitation
S235 Everyday Sports Injuries
S236 Imaging Of Orthopedic Sports Injuries
S237 Anatomy Of Sports Injuries
S238 Biomedical Acupuncture For Sports & Trauma Rehabilitation
S239 Sports Injuries: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment & Rehabilitation
S240 Sports Therapy, Injury Assessment & Rehabilitation
S241 Sports Injuries : Management & Exercise Prescription
S242 Sports Injuries
S243 Sports Injuries To The Shoulder & Elbow
S244 Surgical Atlas Of Sports Orthopaedics & Sports Traumatology
S245 Sports Injury Prevention Olympic Sports Medicine
S246 Sports Injuries Course
S247 Sports Injuries & Prevention
S248 Guide To Sports & Injury Management
S249 Sports Injury Research
S250 Biomechanics Of Impact Injury : Biomechanical Response
S251 Sports Injuries Of The Hand & Wrist
S252 Nuclear Medicine & Radiologic Imaging In Sports Injuries
S253 Sports Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention
S254 Sports Injury Presentation
S255 Psychology Of Sport Injury
S256 Injury & Sport Medicine
S257 Managing Sports Injuries
S258 Overuse Injuries In Sport
S259 Adolescent Sports Injuries
S260 Trauma & Sports Injuries
S261 Psychology Of Sport Injury & Rehabilitation
S262 Fundamentals Of Sports Injury Management
S263 Living With Sports Injuries
S264 Elbow & Sport
S265 Sports Injury Prevention
S266 Sports Injury Care
S267 Trigger Point Self-Care For Pain-Free Movement
S268 Sports Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention
S269 Platelet-Rich Plasma: Regenerative Medicine: Sports Medicine
S270 Imaging Of Orthopedic Sports Injuries
S271 MRI Anatomy & Sports Injuries Of The Ankle
S272 Rehabilitation Of The Hand & Upper Extremity
S273 Conservative Management Of Sports Injuries
S274 Sports Injuries In Children & Adolescents
S275 Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy
S276 Epidemiology Of Pediatric Sports Injuries
S277 Sports-Specific Rehabilitation
S278 Nerve & Vascular Injuries In Sports

S279 Common Hand Injuries In Sports
S280 Essential Sports Medicine
S281 Sports Injuries Information For Teens
S282 Sports Injuries Of The Knee: Surgical Approaches
S283 Muscle Injuries In Sport Athletes
S284 Muscle & Tendon Injuries
S285 Taping Techniques Course
S286 Rehabilitation Of Sports Injuries: Scientific Basis
S287 Endurance Sports Medicine: A Clinical Guide
S288 Extreme Sports Medicine
S289 Hand & Wrist Injuries In Combat Sports
S290 Sports Knee Injury Effusions MRI
S291 Sports Dermatology
S292 Sports Medicine For Football
S293 Imaging Of Orthopedics Sports Injuries
S294 Handball Sports Medicine


S295 Sports Medicine Resource
S296 Netter’s Sports Medicine
S297 Sports Medicine: Facts
S298 Clinical Sports Medicine
S299 Sports Medicine For Sports Trainers
S300 Encyclopedia Of Sports Medicine
S301 Sports Medicine
S302 Master Techniques In Orthopaedic Surgery: Sports Medicine
S303 Exercise Science & Sports Medicine
S304 Oxford American Sports Medicine
S305 Clinical Sports Medicine
S306 Sports Medicine For Football
S307 Rehabilitation Techniques In Sports Medicine
S308 Course Of Sports Medicine
S309 Proprioception In Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
S310 Extreme Sports Medicine
S311 Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine
S312 Handball Sports Medicine
S313 Oxford Sport & Exercise Medicine
S314 Aquatics In Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Rehabilitation & Physical Conditioning
S315 Orthopedic Sports Medicine
S316 Combat Sports Medicine
S317 Therapeutic Modalities: For Sports Medicine & Athletic Training
S318 Sports Medicine & Science, Swimming Course
S319 Endurance Sports Medicine
S320 Nuclear Medicine & Radiologic Imaging In Sports Injuries
S321 Instructions For Sports Medicine Patients
S322 Emergencies In Sports Medicine
S323 Clinics In Sports Medicine
S324 Adaptive Sports Medicine
S325 Oxford Children’s Sport & Exercise Medicine
S326 The Encyclopedia Of Sports Medicine
S327 Sport, Medicine, Ethics
S328 Essential Radiology For Sports Medicine
S329 Strength Training : Olympic Sports Medicine
S230 Sports Medicine For Primary Care Physician
S331 ACSM’s Sports Medicine: A Comprehensive Review
S332 Basketball: Olympic Sports Medicine
S333 Running: Olympic Sports Medicine
S334 Electronic Equipment For Physiotherapy, Medicine
S335 Sports Medicine Consult
S336 Orthopedic Principles — A Resident’s Guide
S337 Genetics & Sports Medicine
S338 Pediatric practice: Sports medicine
S339 Principles Of Manual Sports Medicine
S340 Basic Dermatology In Sports Medicine
S341 Epidemiology Of Pediatric Sports Injuries
S342 MRI-Arthroscopy Correlations
S343 Sports & Exercise Medicine Health & Performance
S344 Key Topics In Sports Medicine
S345 Evidence-Based Sports Medicine
S346 Magnetic Resonance Imaging In Orthopedic Sports Medicine
S347 Course Of Neurological Sports Medicine
S348 Current Diagnosis & Treatment Physical Medicine
S349 Essential Radiology For Sports Medicine
S350 Practical ECG For Exercise Science & Sports Medicine
S351 Computer Sports Medicine
S352 Volleyball Sports Medicine & Science
S353 Practical Nutrition For Sports Medicine & Fitness Professionals
S354 Pediatric Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
S355 Athletic Footwear & Orthoses In Sports Medicine
S356 Endocrine System In Sports & Exercise
S357 Tennis: Olympic Sports Medicine
S358 Rowing: Olympic Sports Medicine
S359 Genetic & Molecular Aspects Of Sports Performance

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