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M001 Orientalism, Modernism & the American Poem

M002 Unleash the Poem Within

M003 Writing Passion: A Catullus Reader

M004 Countdown to Poetry Writing

M005 Writing Poetry

M006 Poetry – from reading to writing

M007 Poetry For Dummies

M008 Love Poems for Photographs & Other Writings

M009 Creative Writing Book

M010 Writing Poems for the Paper

M011 Poem-Making

M012 Write Songs on Guitar

M013 Write A Popular Song

M014 Writing Songs & Writing A Record

M015 Writing Captivating Hit Songs

M016 Righting Wrongs in Writing Songs

M017 Art of Writing Love Songs

M018 Write Song Lyrics

M019 Songwriting Success

M020 The Song Creation Formula

M021 Keywords in Creative Writing

M022 Playing a Song

M023 Craft of Lyric Writing

M024 Songs & Poetry for Young Learners

M025 Everything Songwriting Book

M026 Songwriting Without Boundaries

M027 Mindfulness Music Therapy

M028 Music Therapy as Discourse & Discipline

M029 Spirituality In Music Therapy

M030 Music Listening, Music Therapy

M031 Music Therapy

M032 Music Therapy & Music Neuroscience

M033 Music Therapy Today

M034 Music Listening as Therapy

M035 DBT in Music Therapy

M036 Defining Music Therapy

M037 Music Therapy for Aphasia

M038 Analytical Music Therapy

M039 Music Therapy Supervision

M040 Enhanced Music Therapy

M041 Mythopoetic Music Therapy

M042 Music Therapy Sunrise

M043 Community Music Therapy

M044 Music Therapy & Everyday Life

M045 Music as Medicine

M046 Music Therapy & Personal Development

M047 Music Therapy & Trauma

M048 Neurologic Music Therapy

M049 International Dictionary of Music Therapy

M050 Strategies From Music Therapy

M051 Interactive Music Therapy

M052 Music Therapy In Schools

M053 Experiences Of Music Listening & Music Therapy In Acute Stroke

M054 Music Therapy Teaming & Learning

M055 Dalcroze Eurhythmics In Music Therapy

M056 The Effects Of Music Therapy

M057 Family Narrative & Music Therapy

M058 Future Of Music Therapy

M059 Music  Anxiety Therapies

M060 Case Studies in Music Therapy

M061The History of Music Production

M062 Foundations of Music History

M063 Women & Music

M064 Musical Theatre

M065 Music History Classroom

M066 General History of Music

M067 Music, History & Ideas

M068 History of Musical Style

M069 Music Visual History

M070 Instruments In Western Music

M071 The Encyclopedia of Country Music

M072 Music in Western Culture

M073 History of Music Publishing

M074 Cambridge History of Medieval Music

M075 Chamber Music  History

M076 Music for Piano Short History

M077 Absolute Music: The History

M078 Music & History

M079 Music, History & Memory

M080 History & Music Of The Minstrels

M081 Performing Music History

M082 History of African American Music

M083 Music & Masculinity

M084 Music: Language & Culture

M085 History of Nineteenth-Century Music

M086 Great American Song

M087 A Geometry of Music

M088 The History Of Music

M089 A History of Western Music

M090 Universal History Of Music

M091 Film Music: A History

M092 Theft! A History of Music

M093 Music as a Mirror of History

M094 Structural Functions in Music

M095 History Of Indian Music

M096 History of Rock Music

M097 Pictorial History Of Music

M098 History of English Music

M099 Networks of Music & History

M100 History Of Musical Instruments

M101 Music’s Intellectual History

M102 Philosophies of Music History

M103 Serbian & Greek Art Music

M104 American Musical Theatre

M105 Musical Meaning

M106 Bebop & Musical History

M107 Music History – Rennaisance Period

M108 Music History Pedagogy

M109 Gluck & The Opera

M110 History of English Church Music

M111 History Of Industrial Music

M112 Music in Baroque

M113 The Guitar & Its Music

M114 The Sense of Music

M115 Metaphor & Musical Thought

M116 Grammar of Carnatic Music

M117 Act of Listening to Music

M118 Music & Eros

M119 Music Appreciation

M120 History of Musical Performance

M121 Music, Criticism, & Challenge of History

M122 Electronic & Experimental Music

M123 Absolute Music

M124 Music in Nineteenth Century

M125 History Of Popular Music Fund

M126 Music & Capitalism

M127 History Of The Art Of Music

M128 Ragtime: a Musical History

M129 History of Royal Conservatory of Music

M130 American History through Music

M131 Music of the Gilded Age

M132 Children’s Book of Music

M133 A History of Rock Music

M134 The history of jazz

M135 Ragtime: Its History, Composers & Music

M136 Manx Music Festival

M137 Music & Esotericism

M138 Ancient Greek Music

M139 Psychology & Music In Film

M140 Amadeus Book of the Violin

M141 Power of Music in Other Worlds

M142 Classical Music

M143 History of Western Choral Music

M144 Guitar All-in-One For Dummies

M145 History of Canadian Popular Music

M146 Performer’s History of Music

M147 Contemporary Worship Music

M148 Musical History of Hip-Hop’s

M149 Russian Folk Songs

M150 Afro-Cuban Music

M151 Music at the Limits

M152 Naxi Music in Modern China

M153 The Acoustics Of Kleinhans Music

M154 History of Australian Musical Composition

M155 Network Technology for Digital Audio

M156 Music Theory For Dummies

M157 Listen : A History Of Our Ears

M158 The Language of Music

M159 Basic Music Theory

M160 Music Listening, Therapy, Phenomenology & Neuroscience

M161 Music Composition For Dummies

M162 Guide to Music Theory

M163 Music in Theory & Practice

M164 Understanding Basic Music Theory

M165 Essentials of Music Theory

M166 Keyboard Master Class

M167 Guitar Tablature

M168 Piano Music

M169 Jazz Standards for Classical Guitar

M170 Creative at the Piano

M171 Guerrilla MUSIC Marketing

M172 The Classical Music Book

M173 All about Music Theory

M174 Arduino Music & Audio Projects

M175 Theory & Technique of Electronic Music

M176 Music Theory for the Music Professional

M177 Electronic Music Circuits

M178 Practical Theory for Guitar

M179 The Origins of Music

M180 Composing Digital Music for Dummies

M181 Sheet Music collection

M182 Complete Classical Music Guide

M183 Essays on a Great American Song

M184 Rudiments of Music

M185 Classical Guitar in Style

M186 Big Book of Jazz

M187 Writing Music for Television & Radio Commercials

M188 AC DC Live: Guitar Tablature

M189 Understanding Music Past & Present

M190 Improvising Rock Guitar

M191 The Encyclopedia of Country Music

M192 Neuroscience of Music

M193 Creative Sequencing Techniques for Music Production

M194 Music & Sound in Documentary Film

M195 Music Composition & Analysis

M196 Complete Classical Music Guide

M197 Music for the Saxophone

M198 Keyboard Music Before 1700

M199 US Youth Films & Popular Music

M200 Middle Eastern & western musical genre

M201 Film Music & Film Genre

M202 Transcription of Bass Guitar Tracks

M203 Bass Guitar Exercises For Dummies

M204 Musical Arrangements & Questions of Genre

M205 Music for a Mixed Taste

M206 Fluid Genres: Popular Music in Indonesia

M207 Black Music, Black Poetry

M208 Industrial Music for Industrial People

M209 Music Genres & Corporate Cultures

M210 Ambient Music as Popular Genre

M211 Music Genre Classification

M212 Genres Of Modern Music

M213 Genre in Popular Music

M214 Hip Hop As A Cultural Genre

M215 Russian Folk Songs

M216 Audio content processing for genres

M217 Communities in Popular Music

M218 Instrumental Music in 17th Century

M219 Music Genre & Food Perception

M220 Candidate Music Genre

M221 Hillbilly Music Genre

M222 Venezuelan Folk Music

M223 MIDI Recordings Music

M224 Automatic Music Genre Recognition

M225 Endangered Music Genres

M226 Genre & Gender in the Hollywood Musical

M227 Wadaiko in Japan & the United States

M228 Genre in Post-Millennial Popular Music

M229 Compositional Technique In French Music

M230 Cumbia! Latin American Music Genre

M231 The Musical: A Research & Information Guide

M232 Heavy Metal Music in Britain

M233 Peripheries to Popular Music

M234 Contemporary Popular Music Studies

M235 Hindi Poetry In A Musical Gere: Thumri Lyrics

M236 Role Of Artist On Music Emotion Recognition

M237 Hip Hop on Film

M238 Musical Gere Identification & Differentiation of Rock

M239 A Musical Memoir

M240 Genre Classification of Electronic Music

M241 Analytical psychology & music in film

M242 Operas & the European Realist Novel

M243 The music producer’s survival guide

M244 analyzing & improving genre

M245 Audio Musical Genre Classification

M246 Movie Genre On Musical Descriptors

M247 Taarab Music in Zanzibar

M248 Albanian Traditional Music

M249 genre-specific musical instruments

M250 Bad Music: The Music We Love to Hate

M251 The German Symphony

M252 Folk Music: A Regional Exploration

M253 Music & the Elusive Revolution

M254 Piano Music by Women Composers

M255 Improvisation of Musical Dialogue

M256 Sound & Sense: Music & Musical Metaphor

M 257 Cultures of Popular Music

M258 CDilution of Original Country Music


M260 Basic Elements of Music

M261 Elements in Contemporary Saxophone Music

M262 The rhetoric of sound in children’s commercials.

M263 Neo-Romanticism in Summer Music

M264 Elements of Art & Folk Music

M265 The Use of Musical Elements

M266 Theoretical-Practical Elements of Music

M267 Elements of Musical Composition

M268 Basic Elements of Music

M269 Use of the Polish Folk Music Elements

M270 Ukrainian Musical Elements in Classical Music

M271 elements of traditional folk music


M273 Creative Sequencing Techniques for Music

M274 What is Music Production?

M275 Logic Pro X: Audio & Music Production

M276 Mixing Music

M277 The Art of Music Production

M278 game of electronic music production

M279 production of gospel music

M280 Strategies for Electronic Music Producers

M281 House Music Production

M282 Computer mediated music production

M283 music as a cultural production

M284 Modern approaches to Music


M286 Musical Acoustics & Music Psychology

M287 Music in the Digital Age

M288 cables, accessories & music

M289 The Music Industry

M290 Musicology of Record Production

M291 collection of television & printed sheet music

M292 Live Music Production: UK Pioneers

M293 Digital Tools for Computer Music

M294 Music & the broadcast experience

M295 Music Aesthetic

M296 Protest music in France

M297 Future Music

M298 Music Tech

M299 Neurology of Music

M300 The Music Industry

M301 Liturgical Music

M302 Music Technology

M303 Audio Engineering Beginner’s Guide

M304 Musical Instruments & Music Equipment

M305 Music & Urban Geography

M306 Music Production & Sound Design

M307 Digital Music Making for Teens

M308 Beyond the Recording Studio

M309 Mixing in Ableton Live

M310 Mixing, Recording & Producing Techniques

M311 Mixing Music

M312 Smart Multitrack Mix

M313 Music Production: Recording, Editing & Mixing

M314 Mixing with Impact

M315 Audio Mastering Handbook

M316 Roots to Jazz

M317 DJ Culture in the Mix

M318 Music for a Mixed Taste

M319 Cut ‘n’ Mix: Caribbean Music

M320 Waves, Sound and Light

M321 Sound Topology, Wave-mixing

M322 Propagation of sound in porous media

M323 Perception of Musical Sounds:

M324 Mixing in Ableton Live


M326 Standing Sound Waves

M327 Sound Reproduction Wave Field Synthesis

M328 Wave Motion as Inquiry

M329 Riding the Waves

M330 Sound Wave Sing & Play

M331Sound Waves – A Medical Dictionary

M332 physical wave propagation

M333 underwater sound waves

M334 Sound as a Longitudinal Wave

M335 Sound Waves in Curved Ducts

M336 Structural Vibrations and Sound Radiation

M337 Einstein’s Symphony: Sounds of Space

M338 Sound in the Time Domain

M339 Acoustic Phenomena in Music

M340 New Wave and alternative music

M341 wave propagation in brass musical instruments

M342 physics of music and musical instruments

M343 Modern Pop

M344 Signal Processing, Speech and Music

M345 Physics of Oscillations and Waves

M346 Speech and Audio Signal Processing

M347 Making Waves

M348 The Ear, Music and Math

M349 Digital Signal Processing

M350 Sound Synthesis: Musical Acoustics

M351 Technology of Computer Music

M352 Riding the Waves – Sound Science

M353 Audio Mastering Handbook

M354 Mastering  The Bass Guitar

M355 Guitar Mastery Simplified

M356 Desktop Audio Technology

M357 Mastering Digital Audio Production

M358 Audio Mastering

M359 Mastering Audio: Art and Science

M360 Desktop Audio and MIDI principles

M361 Logic Pro 9: Audio and Music Production

M362 Modern Recording Techniques

M363 Mixing Music

M364 Master Acoustics

M365 PC Audio Editing with Adobe

M366 Recording on a Budget

M367 Sound FX Recording Studio Effects

M368 Home Recording For Musicians

M369 Mix Smart: Pro Audio Tips

M370 Mixing Audio Tools

M371 Audio Mashup Construction Kit

M372 Home Studio Mastering

M373 Production-Mixing-Mastering with Waves

M374 Modern Recording Techniques

M375 Streaming Audio

M376 DJ Studio Ignite

M377 CROSS DJ User

M378 GO-DJ

M379 128 Beats Per Minute

M380 The Beat: Go-Go Music

M381 Beat of Urban Art

M382 Introduction To Electrodynamics

M383 Be a DJ


M385 Mobile DJ Handbook

M386 Pioneer DJ Support

M387 DJ Database

M388 DJ Culture in the Mix

M389 DJ Sales and Marketing

M390 DJ workshop

M391 The Language of Music

M392 Musicality of C-Pop

M393 Fretboard Theory

M394 Ontology of Pop music

M395 Paganism and Pop Music

M396 Pop Cults

M397 Making of a Pop Music

M398 Jazz and American Pop Music

M399 Classic Pop

M400 Song Interpretation Pop

M401 West African Pop Roots

M402 Living Through Pop

M403 Policing Pop (Sound Matters)

M404 Songs of the factory : pop

M405 British Pop Music Film


M407 Globalization, Music and Cultures – Pop

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