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E001 101 High Intensity Workouts
E002 Total Abs
E003 Muscle Building
E004 Leaner Stronger Male Body
E005 101 Workouts: Build Muscle
E006 101 Get-Lean Workouts and Strategies
E007 Muscle Building Nutrition
E008 Squat, Bench and Deadlift
E009 Burpees, Deadlifts, Snatches, Squats
E010 Squat, Deadlift and Hip Thrust Training
E011 Squat
E012 Championship Bodybuilding
E013 Competitive Bodybuilding
E014 Competitive Bodybuilders And Identity
E015 The Vegan – Bodybuilding Competitions
E016 Bodybuilding Anatomy
E017 Anthropometric Measures of Competitive Bodybuilders
E018 Bodybuilding Competition Guide
E019 Muscle Building Truth
E020 Advanced Guide to Building Muscle
E021 Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength
E022 Muscle Energy Techniques
E023 Men’s Health Hard Body Plan
E024 Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding
E025 Using Muscle Growth Bodyweight
E026 Build Muscle
E027 Muscle Building Nutrition
E028 Rapid Muscle Growth
E029 Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding
E030 Rapid Body Transformation
E031 Men’s Exercises
E032 Body-Sculpting For Women
E033 Total Body Transformation
E034 Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle
E035 101 Workouts For Men
E036 Don’t Lose Work Out
E037 Lean Workouts & Strategies
E038 Abs on the Ball
E039 Muscle Energy Techniques
E040 Men’s Big Chest
E041 Natural Bodybuilding Bible
E042 Bodyweight strength training
E043 Strength Training Anatomy
E044 100 Vegetarian Recipes for Building Muscle
E045 Home Workouts
E046 Encyclopedia Of Muscle & Strength
E047 Science Of Muscle Hypertrophy
E048 Medicine Ball Workouts
E049 16-Week Transformation Program
E050 Anatomy of Martial Arts
E051 Biomechanics of Skeletal Muscles
E052 Anatomy for Sculptors
E053 Muscles: Testing and Functions
E054 Stretching Anatomy
E055 Color Atlas of Anatomy
E056 Muscle Revolution
E057 Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat
E058 No Nonsense Muscle Building
E059 Kettlebells Body Sculpting
E060 Power Isometrics
E061 Women’s Strength Training Anatomy
E062 100 Push-Ups
E063 Supermen : Building Maximum Muscle
E064 101 Workouts For Women
E065 Building muscle
E066 Atlas of Human Anatomy
E067 The body fat solution
E068 Encyclopedia of Human Body Systems
E069 Championship Bodybuilding
E070 Bodybuilding & Fitness
E071 Chemical Muscle Enhancement
E072 Plank Fitness
E073 Illustrated Anatomy – Bones and Muscles
E074 Optimum Anabolics – Steroid Sized Muscles
E075 Built for Show
E076 Muscle Hypertrophy, Strength & Muscle
E077 Musculoskeletal Anatomy & Human Movement
E078 The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid
E079 Build Muscle & Lose Fat
E080 Beyond Bodybuilding: Strength Training Secrets
E081 Muscle Control – Isometrics
E082 Nutrition and Enhanced Sports Performance
E083 Locate Muscles, Bones and More
E084 Building Muscle
E085 Strength Training Anatomy
E086 Balance Training
E087 7 Rules of Building Muscle
E088 Core strength
E089 Corrective Exercise Training
E090 Man’s Guide to Muscle and Strength
E091 21-Day Big Muscle Plan
E092 Free Weight Training Anatomy
E093 Muscle Dynamics
E094 The Compete Weight Training System
E095 Power of Negative Training
E096 How Body Works
E097 Beginning Bodybuilding
E098 Nerve and Muscle
E099 Ultimate Dumbbell Guide
E100 Female Body Builder
E101 Human Body Encyclopedia
E102 High-Threshold Muscle Building
E103 Building Muscle & Performance
E104 Muscle Mechanics
E105 Complete Body Development with Dumbbells
E106 120 Recipes for Building Muscle
E107 Muscle Strength
E108 Classic Human Anatomy
E109 A man’s guide to muscle and strength
E110 Body by Science
E111 The muscle and strength pyramid Nutrition
E112 Super Human Encyclopedia
E113 Power Isometrics:
E114 Understanding Muscle Functions
E115 Muscle Memory
E116 The Women’s Health Diet
E117 Weeknight Workouts
E118 Ab Wheel Workouts
E119 Weight Lifting and Weight Training
E120 Weight-Free, Gym-Free Training
E121 The Anabolic Diet
E122 Core Strength & Oblique Muscles
E123 Lower Back
E124 No-Risk Ab
E125 Blast Your Biceps


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| FEES – 4850 INR, $ 65 USD per course |

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| FEES – 4850 INR, $ 65 USD per course |  Lifetime Validity Certificates | Pdf Books issued | Medical & Fitness Certificates |