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| FEES – 4850 INR, $ 65 USD per course |

| COURSE DURATION – 2 years | 48 hours Certificates delivery | FEES – 4850 INR, $ 65 USD per course |

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T001 The Buddha’s Way of Happiness

T002 Awakening the Buddha Within

T003 Masters of Meditation and Miracles

T004 The Heart of Buddhist Meditation

T005 The Vision of Dhamma

T006 Guide to Dakini Land

T007 Breath by Breath

T008 The Mind Illuminated

T009 Rethinking the Buddha

T010 When the Clouds Part

T011 Luminous Mind

T012 Teachings of the Buddha

T013 Radical Acceptance

T014 Sayings of the Buddha

T015 Exposition of Secret Mantra

T016 Mindfulness With Breathing

T017 Heart of Buddhist Meditation

T018 Essence of Vajrayana

T019 Buddhist Meditation

T020 Length Discourses of the Buddha

T021 Deity Yoga: In Action

T022 Buddha Standard Time

T023 Buddha and Einstein Walk

T024 Introducing Buddha

T025 Tantra (Meeting the Buddhas)

T026 What Would Buddha Say

T027 Tales of the Buddha

T028 Meditator’s Life of the Buddha

T029 Mindfulness Yoga: The Awakened

T030 Cultivating Inner Peace

T031 Mindfulness, Bliss, and Beyond

T032 Natural Meditation to Happen

T033 Wisdom of the Buddha

T034 Buddhism and Science

T035 Moving into meditation

T036 Guide to Spirituality Without Religion

T037 The Buddha Pill

T038 Right Concentration

T039 The Art of Living

T040 Healing the Heart

T041 Disappearing: Buddha’s Path

T042 Buddhist Meditation: Tranquillity

T043 Pure Dhamma – A Quest

T044 Waking Up: A Guide

T045 Lamp to Illuminate

T046 The doctrine of the Buddha

T047 Bodhisattva Path of Wisdom

T048 Meditator’s Companion

T049 The Ocean of Dharma

T050 Trauma of Everyday Life

T051 Buddhist Meditation

T052 Loving kindness

T053 On Buddha Essence

T054 Buddha Nature

T055 Buddha as Therapist

T056 Origin of Buddhist Meditation

T057 Recovery: A Buddhist Path

T058 Great Perfection: The Mind-Training

T059 Handbook of Buddhist Meditation

T060 Evolving dharma : meditation, Buddhism

T061 A Meditator’s Life

T062The Shadow of the Buddha

T063 Mindfulness Meditation

T064 Buddha as Therapist: Meditations

T065 The Nature of Mind

T066 Consciousness and Buddha-Awakening

T067 Story of Buddhism: A Concise Guide

T068 Precepts of the Dharmakaya

T069 Dispeller of Obstacles

T070 Sayings of the Buddha

T071 Finding the Center Within

T072 Wisdom Wide and Deep

T073 Present Perfect: A Mindfulness

T074 Loving-Kindness

T075 The Hidden Lamp: Stories

T076 Origin of Buddhist Meditation

T077 meditations on emptiness

T078  Treatise on Buddha-Essence

T079 Sayings of the Buddha

T080 Mindfulness: A Practical Guide

T081 Meditation: Advice

T082 Buddhist Meditation An Anthology

T083 Discovering the Buddhist

T084 Path of Wisdom and Compassion

T085 Path to Enlightenment

T086 The Buddha Within

T087 Teachings of the Buddha

T088 Core Teachings of the Buddha

T089 Buddhism One Teacher

T090 What is the Dharma

T091 Meditation in the Middle Way

T092 Modern Buddhism: The Path

T093 Mediating the Power of Buddhas

T094 The Life of the Mystic

T095 The Buddha’s Way of Happiness

T096 Waking the Buddha

T097 Introducing Buddha

T098 Buddha’s path to deliverance

T099 The Ocean of Dharma

T100 Tantric Grounds and Paths

T101 Breath by Breath

T102 Pure Dhamma – A Quest

T103 Buddha’s True Teachings

T104 Saltwater Buddha

T105 Enlightenment: Wisdom Teachings

T106 The Dhammapada

T107 Secret Sky: The Ancient Tantras

T108 Daring Steps: Traversing

T109 Recover Buddha’s


T110The Depression Cure

T111 Electroencephalography in Sleep Medicine

T112 Atlas of Clinical Sleep

T113 Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

T114 Sleeping Murder

T115 Power Sleep : The Revolutionary

T116 Clinical Guide to Pediatric Sleep

T117 Neuroscience of Sleep

T118 Overcoming Insomnia

T119 Snoring and sleep Apnea

T120 Sleep No More

T121 Understanding Sleep and Dreaming

T122 Yoga Nidra Meditation

T123 Yoga-Nidra/Yogic Conscious

T124 Yoga Nidra for complete

T125 Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra

T126 Yoga Nidra: The Art

T127 Daring to Rest: Reclaim

T128 Practical Palmistry

T129 Yoga-nidra on blood pressure

T130 Study Of Nidra


T132 Patanjali’s Yogdarshan

T133 YOG Candidature Procedure

T134 The Meaning of Yoga

T135 Why We Sleep: Unlocking

T136 Sleep and Sleep Disorders

T137 Sleeping & Eating

T138 Sleep Smarter

T139 Sleep Well Every Night

T140 Sound sleep, sound mind

T141 The Sleep Solution

T142 Yoga Nidra Meditation

T143 On Becoming Baby Wise

T144 Before I Go to Sleep

T145 Sleep, Sleep Disorders

T146 Sleep – The myth

T147 Sleep Soundly Every Night

T148 The Sleep Book

T149 Sleeping Arrangements

T150 Encyclopedia of Sleep

T151 Sleep Better, Live Better

T152 Yogas of Dream and Sleep

T153 Sleep Affirmations

T154 The Sleep Book

T155 How to Sleep Well

T156 Sleeping With Strangers

T157 The Science of Sleep

T158 Practice of Sleep Medicine

T159 The big sleep

T160 Sleep-In For Daddy

T161 How to Sleep Well

T162 Eat Move Sleep

T163 Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

T164 Dream Yoga: Illuminating

T165 Sleeping Beauties

T166 Sleep diet : why sleeping well

T167 The Secrets and Science

T168 The Magic of Sleep Thinking

T169 sleep disorders

T170 Sleeps No More

T171 Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

T172 Sleep Medicine: Essentials

T173 Blind Willow, Sleeping

T174 Sleep : a very short

T175 Mindfulness and sleep

T176 Dreaming the divine

T177 Good night, sleep tight

T178 Sleep and Sleep Problems

T179 Sleeping with Fear

T180 Before I Go To Sleep

T181 Pretty One Sleeps

T182 Expert Guide to Sleeping Well

T183 Consciousness In Advaita Vedanta

T184 Obstructive Sleep Apnea

T185 Sleep Medicine: A Guide

T186 Eat to Sleep

T187 Human race

T188 Genetic Basis of Sleep

T189 Sleep and Sleep Disorders

T190 Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism

T191 Lucid dreaming

T192 Sleep Soundly Every Night

T193 Sleep : exact blueprint

T194 The sleeping abductees

T195 End the Insomnia Struggle

T196 Snoring and Sleep Apnea

T197 Neuroimaging of Sleep

T198 Brain rules for aging well

T199 The Sleeping Doll

T200 Let Sleeping Vets

T201 How the Body Works

T202 Practical Ayurveda

| FEES – 4850 INR, $ 65 USD per course |

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| FEES – 4850 INR, $ 65 USD per course |  Lifetime Validity Certificates | Pdf Books issued | Medical & Fitness Certificates |